Semitic deity

Semitic deity
a deity worshipped by the ancient Semites
Topics: ↑antiquity
Hypernyms: ↑deity, ↑divinity, ↑god, ↑immortal
Hyponyms: ↑Anunnaki, ↑Enuki, ↑Lilith
Instance Hyponyms:
Adad, ↑Adapa, ↑Anshar, ↑Antum, ↑Anu, ↑Apsu, ↑Aruru, ↑Ashur, ↑Ashir, ↑Astarte, ↑Ashtoreth, ↑Ishtar, ↑Mylitta, ↑Baal, ↑Bel, ↑Dagon, ↑Dagan, ↑Damkina, ↑Damgalnunna, ↑Dumuzi, ↑Tammuz, ↑Ea, ↑Enki, ↑Enlil, ↑En-lil, ↑Ereshkigal, ↑Eresh-kigal, ↑Ereshkigel, ↑Girru, ↑Gula, ↑Igigi, ↑Inanna, ↑Ki, ↑Kishar, ↑Mama, ↑Marduk, ↑Merodach, ↑Baal Merodach, ↑Bel-Merodach, ↑Moloch, ↑Molech, ↑Nabu, ↑Nebo, ↑Nammu, ↑Namtar, ↑Namtaru, ↑Nanna, ↑Nergal, ↑Nina, ↑Ningal, ↑Ningirsu, ↑Ningishzida, ↑Ninkhursag, ↑Ninhursag, ↑Ninkharsag, ↑Nintu, ↑Nintoo, ↑Ninurta, ↑Ninib, ↑Nusku, ↑Ramman, ↑Sarpanitu, ↑Zirbanit, ↑Zarpanit, ↑Shamash, ↑Sin, ↑Tashmit, ↑Tashmitum, ↑Tiamat, ↑Utnapishtim, ↑Utu, ↑Utug, ↑Zu, ↑Zubird

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